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A Valentine From God

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Since Valentine’s day is like tomorrow, I was online looking for Valentine ideas (I know I am not the only one who does this stuff last minute).   It is a know fact to those who know me well that I am crazy about vintage items.  I love something that has history, a story, a  bit of character that seems to be lacking in many of the mass produced items of recent decades. ( A gift card to Sax, no thanks. A hundred bucks to blow at an estate sale, score!)  So, it comes as no surprise that  in my search for valentine ideas that I migrated toward vintage valentines. 

In my perusing,  I ran across the above valentine.  I do not know who first received this little gem but today  it is my Valentine from God.  I love those moments when He uses the simple to teach/remind me of a simple truth.  In Proverbs 23:26 (NLT) it says,” O my son, give me your heart. May your eyes take delight in following my ways.”

Salvation, the redeeming of our soul, is just the first step in our Christian walk.  He doesn’t want to be just our Redeemer, God is looking for relationship.  It is why He created man.  He wants to have communion us. You can’t have a true relationship with someone without getting the heart involved.  If you are in a relationship with another person and never share your heart, eventually that relationship will end.  It will become stunted, wither, and die.  All great, lasting relationships, revolve around getting to know one another’s heart.  Loving someone intimately means understanding the very essence of their core being.  This is something King David understood as a young boy.  He knew how to have “relationship” with God.  He spent hours on the hillside communing with Him.  God doesn’t look at our outward appearance, he looks on our heart (I Samuel 16:7).  King David was a man of war.  He was a murderer and an adulterer.  However, he is best known as “a man after God’s own heart”.  God testifies to that account (Acts 13:22).  David continued to have a relationship with God throughout his life and despaired when his sin separated him from God.  He understood that everything that was good about himself was because of the Lord (Psalm 16:2).

Why does God want our heart?  It is because He desires to give us His.  When we are real with God and openly give Him our heart, He will share His and communion of two hearts will begin.  His desires will become ours.  Those things that break His heart will move ours with compassion.  Our hearts will meld into a oneness so intimate, we will not know where His desires stop and ours begins.  Giving God our heart is about Lordship.  It is about laying aside our desires to totally peruse the passions of Christ. God wants our heart because it is the central part of our being.  It is who we are.  It is the part of us that controls our emotions, our decisions, our will.  If we surrender this to the Lord, He can fulfill His perfect plan in our life. 

Like any relationship, the one I experience with the Lord is not static.  It is ever changing.  As a young child I prayed that I would be a “women after God’s own heart” and that is still my desire today.  Giving Him my heart is a daily commitment.   Sometimes I stumble, and many times I fail Him; but I am thankful that I have “relationship” with Christ.  I am thankful that He has my heart, and I am thankful that after all these years, He isn’t letting up His pursuit of my Heart.  The above Valentine was just the reminder I needed to know that the love affair I have with Christ is still strong. 

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