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No False Promises



It has been unseasonably warm here in the south. For much of January temperatures have reached into the sixties and seventies. These warm weather days have caused the tulips to spring up and my peach trees to bloom.  It is sad. It is not their time.

As I stood in my yard looking out at the trees full of beautiful pink blossoms, I realized that those blooms would probably never reach their full potential.  They had bought into a false promise.  The string of warm weather days has given the trees a false promise of spring, prompting them to awaken before their appointed time.  We still have several months before spring will truly arrive and the warm weather has been interspersed with twenty degree nights.  The chance of those blooms bringing forth fruit is doubtful.

Come June, I may be denied the joy of plucking fruit from my tree’s branches and miss the sweet nectar of a home-grown peach upon my lips but their January blooms has given me an “Ah-ha” moment of thankfulness.  It has made me thankful that my God is not a God of false promises.  He is not fickle like the weather.  Numbers 29:10 says, God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?”  He will not break his covenant with us and he will not take back a single word He has spoken (Ps. 89:34).

Boy, that makes my heart sing.  If I can keep myself from buying into the false promises of man and keep my eyes fixed upon the promises of God, I will save myself a lot of heartache.

Here in the south we often have the false promise of spring and only experience keeps me from running out and planting my summer garden.  I walk outside and see blooms on the trees, patches of grass turning green, feel the warmth of the sun upon my face and I have to resist the urge to buy into the false promise that spring has arrived.  I wonder how often in our lives we buy into false promises?

While watching television we are inundated with commercials offering up false promises. We are given the promise that the advertised product will make our life easier, better, brighter. Very few will live up to those claims.  We are promised products that will turn back the hands of time, erasing years from our face, products that will make us feel young, and products that will simply make us MORE _______(fill in the blank with your heart’s desire).   Advertisers would have us belive that just the right shampoo or toothpaste will help us find the guy/gal of our dreams.  This sort of advertising plays on our insecurities or promises to fulfill a longing in our hearts.

Throughout our life we will meet people that will offer up false promises.  There will be those who let us down and some that will break our heart. We will run across indivduals that will hone in on our insecurities and promise to meet our needs only to let us down.  If you are like me, you will even make false promises to yourself.  How wonderful that in the mist of all these promises, there is One that we can totally depend upon. The bible is full of promises that we can fully put faith in – promises that are not false.  When life throws us a curveball, or when someone or something doesn’t live up to a promise. We have someone who will “never leave us nor forsake us” (Deuteronomy 31:8). For that I am thankful.

“Lord I thank you that you are not a God of FALSE Promises, but that you are a Faithful God.  I am thankful that you are bound by your word and that every promise and precept that is found in your Word is something that I can stand upon in a world that offers false promises to me daily.  I am thankful that when, governments, circumstances and people fail me, I can lean on you and enter into a peace that world doesn’t understand.  Help me to crave more of you.  Help me understand your Word more so that I won’t simply have a head knowledge of your promises but heart knowledge as well.  Help me to rely upon you in times of prosperity and times of need. Today I chose to cast my cares upon you and trust in every promise you have spoken into my heart. I thank you for those faithful indivduals you have brought into my life; those that I can aslo count on.  Thank you for those indivuals that you have yet to bring my way that will help me grow and become more.  Thank you for your faithfulness. I love you Lord.  Thank you for loving me.”

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